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Land of Indochina

There are three sparkling jewels in the crown of the former French Indochina; Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. All three countries have survived a tumultuous and often violent past, marked by wars, restrictive colonialism and brutal dictatorship. But all three countries have emerged as premier tourist destinations, each with its own special Asian mystic flavour.

Cambodia lies at the heart of Indochina, and is truly a must for tourists. The capital Phnom Penh has been revived with sidewalk cafes, and riverfront beautification. A days drive away, you have the world famous Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, a must on any visitors agenda. Travelers to Laos may feel they are stepping back in time when they visit the laid back, and least touristy of the three countries. The beautiful mountains and easy, happy nature of the people will inspire even the most jaded of travelers.

What country springs to mind when you see the conical hat? We are sure most people will say Vietnam. The bustling capitol Hanoi located in the north, abounds in lakes, parks and boulevards, reminiscent of the French Colonial influence. The heart of Hanoi is the Old Quarter, a maze of narrow winding alleyways, selling everything from threads to coffins, and awash with street food vendors. In the south of Vietnam, Saigon is spacious, modern and deliciously busy, having been largely re-built after the last war. Hoi An, for centuries an international port, is an ancient town situated in central Vietnam, whose beautiful old buildings have strong Chinese and Japanese influence.

Travel to Indochina

If you are planning a trip to Indochina and are looking for interesting highlights, but with time for relaxation on one of our beautiful beaches. Or maybe, you want an adventure tour to discover the wildlife, trek the mountains and absorb the fascinating local culture. Whatever it is,  Indochina Tourism offers you the destinations of your choice. We have luxury tours at excellent rates ready to go. We can custom design a tour to suit your individual or group requirements, its up to you. Our specialized services cover all Indochina destinations, and we can cater for all budgets. We are always by your side, and take care of you all the way. When you travel with Indochina Tourism you will never wonder about the cost, because we deal with all the local suppliers to make sure you have the best rates and services available.

We at  Indochina Tourism hope you will be tempted to join us on a group tour soon. We look forward to hearing from you, and assure you of our very best service.

Why Us

  • Ability to provide the best options and prices: Indochina Tourism understand that when you travel the major you thing not only is price. You always look for the best overall solution to their individual travel needs. Therefore, we not only to immediately think price is what sells but also what the customer wants or needs. We customize and create products, itineraries and experiences as demanded by our partners and their guests. We delight in customizing to individual needs. Your tailor made itinerary will be flexible, allowing you to choose your departure dates.
  • Saving money & time: As a potential partner, we can discuss local supplier as hotel, boat, restaurant, transport to have the best rate for customer. Therefore, we are confident to give you the best reasonable price for your holiday. If you book your trip at local travel agent in your country, you will pay more for their commission. Choosing our services, you will save a lot of money for your vacation. We acknowledge that time is priceless. So, just giving question, we will supply you all you need for your trip.
  • Product knowledge: Our team has the proper training and knowledge on tourism and local culture. We always operate farming tour, site inspections for staff to improve their experience each year. According to our main goal, accreditation builds trust and credibility. Our guides are passionate and personable local experts – giving your clients more insights and information than can be found in any guidebook.
  • Giving you a safe and secure trips: Safety and security have ways been top of mind with leisure travelers. Understanding that, we always take care to you each day during your trip. The friendly tour operator will call you regularly to make sure that you are satisfied with all our services.
  • Safe and convenient payment: We accept various payment methods: Master Card, Visa, Paypal and Bank Transfer. We guarantee forms of secure payment, fast and most convenient. We promise to discuss to the local bank to give the best solution for your payment. We guarantee your finance if there are any problem happen to your payment.

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