In the Northeast of Phan Thiet city, Mui Ne is a fishing village as well as a familiar tourism area in Binhthuan Province. Mui Ne, meaning ‘sheltered peninsula’, is one of the famous beaches in Vietnam and in the world. Mui Ne has shallow and sloped beaches, the blue and clean water, nice sun rarely behind the clouds and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea, sometime Mui Ne is considered Hawaii of Vietnam.

Mui Ne Beach Vietnam
Mui Ne Beach Vietnam

The beaches are fantastic with activities such as surfing and kite. But the most attractive scenery at Mui Ne is moving lines of golden sand, local people call as “Doi Cat” or “Sand Dunes”. The sand is always moving because of the wind and looks like moving waves from afar that’s why the dunes never looks the same. MuiNe is really a good ideal for those who are interested in photography.

Mui Ne Beach Vietnam
Sand dunes in Mui Ne Beach Vietnam

There are also many interesting sites at Mui Ne such as Po Sha Inu tower, the ancient Cham building that was built in the 8th century, some workshops making fish sauce. Mui Ne market and fishing harbor  is also a good chance to discover daily life of local fisherman. Or fairy stream is a small waterfall into at most waist-deep, wonderful stop for relaxing and bathing…

mui ne beach vietnam-1

Mui Ne is such a nice town with beautiful scenery and good investment for tourism. Every year, Mui Ne attracts a lot of  foreign tourists and Vietnamese people come to relax. It takes about 5 hours moving by bus from Ho Chi Minh city to get to Mui Ne, you will have an opportunity to discover the Paradise of resort beaches town in Vietnam.

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