The best time to visit Laos

The best time to visit Laos

Laos is said to bring tourists the all-year-round excitement. However, the degree of excitement is greatly boosted if you travel with a good understanding about the best time to visit Laos. It’s revealed that Laos has the two obvious weather seasons: the dry season (from October to late April) and the wet season (from May to late September). At different season, there stand the temperature variations that give the land a certain advantage.

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The best time to visit Laos is from October to late April


From November to March is the dry season: These months have lower humidity and bearable temperatures, which however change with the altitude. Nights can be cold in the northern mountains! This is the best time to visit Laos.


Between April and October, the monsoon brings heavy rains, particularly in the South, which sometimes makes transport by road impossible due to damaged roads; in April and May, the weather is hot with temperatures of around 30°C and 35°C. From July to September, the rains are less frequent but heat waves are normal.

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