Vietnam Airport

Vietnam Airport

In this article, we provide some information about Vietnam airport, that is useful for people who are planning travel to Vietnam. Traveling by air has never been made so simple and airplane is the most popular means of transportation that brings tourists to Vietnam. Similar things can be said for tourists who would like to move from one to another destinations within the country.

The travelers can get in Vietnam via three main international airports: Noi Bai airport (HAN) in Ha Noi Capital; Da Nang airport (DAD) in Da Nang City and Tan Son Nhat airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, Phu Quoc (PQC) has also started receiving international flights from countries such as Singapore and now serves as a fourth international airport airport. There are some airports in other provinces, such as Lien Khuong airport (DLI) in Da Lat City; Cam Ranh airport (CXR) in Nha Trang, Phu Bai airport (HUI) in Hue City; Hai Phong airport (HPH) in Hai Phong City... served million of tourist a year.

The size of each Vietnam airport is relatively small, except for airports in Hanoi (HAN) and Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), compared with other international and local airports in other countries in the same region. The service is getting to the international standard. Each Vietnam airport is equipped with food services and dotted with souvenirs shop and money exchange stalls. Because of the small size, you will easily find your way around the airport without being afraid of getting lost or being late for your flight.

List of Vietnam Airports:

Things to do and places to visit in Vietnam


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Vietnam airports in the North
Noi Bai International Airport

- Noi Bai International airport (HAN): It takes 40 minutes to/from Ha Noi city center, 3.5 hours to/from Halong Bay, 4.5 hours to/from Sapa.

- Hai Phong airport (HPH): It takes 2.5 hours to/from Hanoi, 1.5 hours to/from Halong Bay.

Vietnam airports in the Center
Da Nang International Airport

- Da Nang airport (DAD): It takes 10 minutes to/from Da Nang city center, 30 minutes to Hoi An, 2.5 hours to Hue City.

- Phu Bai airport (HUI): It takes 20 minutes to/from Hue City center, 2,5 hours to/from Da Nang city center, 3 hours to Hoi An.

- Nha Trang airport (CXR): It takes 40 minutes to/from Nha Trang City center.

- Da Lat airport (DLI): It takes 30 minutes to/from Da Lat City center.

Vietnam airports in the South.
Tan Son Nhat International Airport

- Tan Son Nhat airport (SGN): It takes 20 minutes to/from Ho Chi Minh City center.

- Phu Quoc airport (PQC): It takes 20 minutes to/from Phu Quoc Island center.

- Con Dao airport (VCS): It takes 10 minutes to/from Con Dao Island center.

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