Vietnamese culture originated over 2000 year ago in the Red River Delta, Northern Vietnam. It is an extremely mountainous area, famed for its stepped rice paddies.

The Red River Delta is a 15,000 Km Square basin in the middle of it all, and is the cradle of the Vietnamese culture we see today.

The north of Vietnam consists of three main regions, North West, East West and the Red River Delta, which includes Hanoi the bustling capital of Vietnam. Each region is broken up into various provinces, all of which have their own individual characteristics.

The area attracts a lot of travellers who are looking for adventure and the unique Indochina experience. For instance, driving along narrow roadways, with majestic mountain peaks soaring on either side, will be sure to give any visitor a buzz.

Imagine you are standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng pass at sunset, 1,500 Metres above seal level, in Ha Giang Province. You are looking down on the Nho Que River which flows from China, it is inspiring and so peaceful, a memorable experience to treasure for life. There are more than 20 provinces to explore here, with a landscape rich in a history of diverse cultures and wild life.

Northern Vietnam is known for its terraced rice fields, beautiful mountain scenery, limestone gorges and fascinating isolated ethnic villages, lying in beautiful mountain ranges