Indochina Tours 2017-2018

Indochina is a land formed from three countries: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The area has a diverse tropical climate, and is abundant in natural resources. In the past, all three countries suffered from the yoke of French colonialism. Together they have struggled to secure freedom and independence for each country in its own right. We offer a lot of Indochina tours for the tourist over the world. Any your customized request can be processed by our staffs to fit your schedule, interests and budget...

Vietnam Tours

Kong: Skull Island Tour

16D/15N - from:1,000 USD

Vietnam Tour in 2 weeks

14D/13N - from:1,088 USD

Grand Vietnam Tour

18D/17N - from:1,369 USD

Vietnam Tour in 3 weeks

21D/20N - from:1,000 USD

Cambodia Tours

Best of Cambodia Tour

12D/11N - from:1,194 USD

Discover Cambodia Tour

14D/13N - from:1,257 USD

Insight of Cambodia Tour

10D/9N - from:598 USD

Angkor Temple Tour

4D/3N - from:414 USD

Laos Tours

Hightlights of Laos Tour

8D/7N - from:799 USD

Trans Laos Tour

14D/13N - from:1,290 USD

From Vientian to Luang Prabang

7D/6N - from:445 USD

Southern Laos Tour

6D/5N - from:390 USD


Indochina Tour in 3 weeks

21D/20N - from:2,060 USD

Indochina Tour in 17 days

17D/16N - from:2,204 USD

Indochina Tour in 25 days

25D/24N - from:1,000 USD

Indochina Tour in 28 days

28D/27N - from:1,000 USD


We extend to you, the warmest and greatest welcome from Indochina Travel & Tours (IT&T). If you are planning a trip to Indochina and are looking for interesting highlights, but with time for relaxation on one of our beautiful beaches. Or maybe, you want an adventure tour to discover the wildlife, trek the mountains and absorb the fascinating local culture. Whatever it is, Indochina Travel & Tours (IT&T) offer you the destinations of your choice. We have luxury tours at excellent rates ready to go. We can custom design a tour to suit your individual or group requirements, its up to you. Our specialized services cover all Indochina tours and destinations, and we can cater for all budgets. We are always by your side, and take care of you all the way. When you travel with IT&T you will never wonder about the cost, because we deal with all the local suppliers to make sure you have the best rates and services available...